Meet the Team

Meet Our Team

When you visit our prosthodontist, you can be confident that your smile is in the right hands. Instead of sitting you down and going to work, our dental team take all the time you need to ensure your dental appointment in Phoenix, Arizona, meets your expectations. Our team members are friendly, outgoing and positive, and they want to establish a relationship with you and not just your smile! We will tailor your treatment to suit your needs and explain what is going on with your smile and what your best options may be. Our team is skilled at putting anxious patients at ease and helping people overcome past negative experiences. You can learn more about our team members below, and we invite you to call Valley Dental Group at 602-956-2260 to meet them in person.


Carey grew up in Iowa near the Mississippi River. In 2013, she and her daughter moved to Phoenix, and she has been involved with dentistry since her early years. With over 18 years of experience dental assisting, Carey has moved into the administration position over the past eight years. Her background and experiences have allowed her to understand all aspects of a dental office as she serves as office manager for Valley Dental Group. She has a love for people and listening to their history. Carey has never met a stranger and has an engaging personality. She spends her spare time with her family and dogs, boating, climbing over rocks in a jeep and maintaining a very active social life.


Mary migrated to Arizona from the east coast. She has called the Valley home since 1990. Her vast experience and excellent patient care have built her a long and loyal following over her career. She has been practicing as a dental hygienist for over 30 years. Mary loves outdoors sports, walking on the California beach, and spending spare time with her family and friends. Slowing down is not in her vocabulary.


Toni has always loved the Sonoran Desert and moved here from California in 2001. She has a wealth of dental knowledge and experiences from the highest levels. She loves meeting new people and sharing experiences. Toni is detail-oriented and wants to make sure her patients are comfortable during their dental appointments. In her spare time, she enjoys travel, cultural and food experiences, and talking with old and new friends.


Jacque is a born-and-raised Arizona native and mother of two young children. You would never guess that Jacque has been in dentistry for over 15 years, with six as a dental hygienist. She loves helping people improve their home care and keep their teeth clean. When she is not at the office, she is busy managing a household, getting children ready for school, working out, and camping in Flagstaff on the weekends with her husband and family.


Hertha is the newest addition to our office. She and her family moved to Phoenix from just outside St. Louis, Missouri, in 1992. With over twenty years in dentistry, she brings a lot of hard work and can-do attitude to the office. Hertha loves and excels at projects. In her spare time, she loves being a grandmother, spending time with her family and dogs, listening to music, reading, and traveling.